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GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc.

Health Through Technology

GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company  focused on changing the world of diagnostics.

Our expertise is in the early detection of a broad spectrum of pathogens and GLCM has developed a revolutionary breakthrough in biosensor technology.

GLCM has “cracked the code” on delivering a point-of-care platform using the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) detection method that is accurate, reliable, and ultrasensitive rapid testing for pathogens without the need for expensive equipment and specialized human resources.

The EIS detection method of the GLCM biosensor does not require modification of biomolecules with fluorescence dyes, enzymes, redox or radioactive labels.

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Who are we?

Following the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc. was founded to carry out the research, product development and commercialization of our GLCM Biosensor Platform.


The GLCM Biosensor Test Platform, which produces results in under one-minute (after assay) can be tailored to detect multiple  pathogens which represents a global breakthrough in medical diagnostics by providing real-time detection that is unmatched in terms of sensitivity, simplicity, and reproducibility by utilizing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).  Successful implementation of the EIS method, which has been researched over decades as a desirable method of testing, is a breakthrough for GLCM and the diagnostics industry.

GLCM is investing heavily on further research and development for pioneering graphene applications in Health Innovation. 

Our Platform Product 

GLCM Biosensor Test for COVID-19 and Variants

First Vertical: SARS-CoV-2


SARS-CoV-2 virus test is the first vertical developed on the GLCM Biosensor Platform, which offers a non-invasive point-of-care, saliva-based diagnostic device which detects COVID-19 and all of its variants.

COVID-19 has been a life-changing event throughout the world, and the pandemic continues to be a major focus for governments, businesses, and industry as they adjust strategies to minimize the spread and resulting impacts on economies. Rapid and reliable testing, like GLCM’s Biosensor Test Platform, remains critical in mitigating COVID’s economic impacts.

Second Vertical: E. coli (proof-of-concept)

Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, is a member of a group of organisms which is common bacteria found in the digestive system of humans and animals. E.coli is a ubiquitous bacteria in our culture, and has caused countless problems in agricultural and food production settings through contamination of food products causing recalls and food poisoning. GLCM viewed this as an ideal target as    E. coli testing should be used in conjunction with other indicators, as part of an approach to producing drinking water of an acceptable quality.


Drinking water sources are commonly impacted by fecal contamination from either human or animal sources and, as a result, may contain E. coli. Its presence in a water sample is considered a good indicator of recent fecal contamination. The ability to detect fecal contamination in drinking water is a necessity, as pathogenic microorganisms from human and animal feces in drinking water pose the greatest danger to public health.  Rapid and reliable testing using GLCM’s Biosensor Test Platform, remains critical in mitigating the dangers of E. coli.

Future Vertical Development

Future developments on the platform include, but are not limited to,


  • Other Pathogens

  • Monkeypox

  • RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)

  • Tuberculosis

  • Ebola

  • Zika

  • cancer markers

  • Future pandemic


GLCM believes it can contribute greatly to the goal of reducing the impact of future pandemics and supports the mission of preventative pandemics in testing.

For Potential Users of the
GLCM Biosensor Platform

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In The News

Looking for More?

We are expanding the global economy. The GLCM Biosensor Platform technology is available to license and will be a monumental product for future generations.

Modular integrations allow our technology to communicate with microelectronics. This can be utilized for real-time updates and relaying data to human resource managers and health associations.

GLC Medical is currently seeking strategic partners and welcomes all inquiries and discussions relating to the advancement of this breakthrough detection technology.

For more information, please email us at

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