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Donna Mandau, BA

Founder, President & CEO

Donna Mandau is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Office of Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC) and is a member of the company’s board of directors. Donna founded GLC in 2013, bringing more than 25 years of industry leadership, operations, investor relations, business development and executive management experience to her role with the company.

Donna is currently working to complete an Executive Management MBA and has achieved a degree from the University of Alberta.

Donna’s entrepreneurial leadership and passion is responsible for the business development of a clean technology company, its operations initiatives, development of strategic partnerships and stakeholder relationships, investor relations and supporting the overall marketing platforms in elevating the company’s business model and vision. Her prior work as an entrepreneur was working with a technology and engineering team where Donna came to realize graphene as a valuable solution to that market sector. Conducting further research into graphene, Donna realized the immense potential and business opportunity to exploit the properties of graphene and formed a team of like-minded individuals looking for technology solutions utilizing graphene for applications solutions to serve Alberta and Canada that would support global initiatives.

Donna’s vision in founding GLC is to develop graphene innovative solutions to serve global markets and enable technological, environmental and economic advancement for Canada; to provide opportunities worldwide for humanitarian advancement through stewardship that embodies responsible planning and management of our environment to serve our planet.

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