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Leah Coumont, PhD

Director of Research

Dr. Coumont holds PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta for her work preparing functional organic polymers and self-assembled carbon nanomaterials.

Dr. Coumont has accumulated over 13+ years of experience in working with functional organic materials, with a focus on organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, materials characterization, nanomaterials research, and device preparation over the course of her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees.

Driven by a strong desire to make a positive contribution to the scientific community, she has developed exceptional expertise in organic materials for electronic applications (polymer light emitting diodes and solar cells), and carbon-based nanomaterials for environmental applications (sensing and CO2 sequestration).

To continue to pursue her love of carbon-based materials and investigate their exciting future applications, Dr. Coumont has joined Graphene Leaders Canada to help develop safe and efficient graphene-based products to solve environmental problems. Dr. Coumont leads a team of 3 PhD’s focused in environment and coatings product development, and a team of 4 technical MSc-Chemistry and senior laboratory technologists.

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