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Ushula Tefashe, PhD

Chief Science Officer (CSO)

Dr. Ushula Tefashe earned a doctorate (PhD), with great distinction (magna cum laude), in Chemistry from Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (Germany) in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gunther Wittstock.

From 2012-2015, Dr. Tefashe was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Laboratory for Electrochemical Reactive Imaging and Detection of Biological Systems at McGill University in the Research Group of Prof. Janine Mauzeroll. In April 2015, Dr. Tefashe joined the Research Group of Prof. Richard McCreery in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Alberta as a Postdoctoral Researcher, and later rose to the position of a Research Associate.

Dr. Tefashe is a co-inventor of one Patent and has co-authored at least 40 peer-reviewed journal articles in international journals. His research interest is the field of electrochemistry, corrosion, biosensors, electro chemiluminescence, molecular electronics, and energy storage and conversion systems. He is serving as a reviewer of several international reputed journals.

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